Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shakesp--wait, no. Bowls again.

All right, I had every intention of discussing my ambition to become the next Shakespeare (and not for the reasons you think--and no, I have no idea what you think, but I bet it's still not my reason), but it occurs to me we have a little unfinished business. 

Somebody is getting one of my sexyhot husband's wooden bowls. So, to make sure I know you want to be considered, make sure that you have either left a comment on THIS post saying you did a review or you can leave a comment on the post you're reading now saying you did a review. You get an entry for each one you did, and it doesn't matter whether you did it before I started this contest. If anything, it gets you bonus points. 

So go ahead and speak up if you want a shot at your bowl of choice. And then come back tomorrow and we'll discuss my Shakespeare ambitions.


Linda said...

I did I did!!!

DeNae said...

I did a review. But it was mostly about me. I'm selfless that way. The bowls are beautiful!

Karen Peterson said...

I wrote a review at Deseret Book. Those bowls are gorgeous!

Jessica B said...

Double damn, I haven't gotten my copy yet. So unfortunately I can't do a review. Unless a review of the first chapter is acceptable, because of course I already read that. But those bowls are really awesome.